Research WG

If there is a SupDPO working group for which the task is substantial, it is the Research WG!

It is divided into different works carried out by several sub-working groups with the aim of providing tools to the DPOs and institutions concerned and to facilitate the daily life of the scientific community in its compliance procedures.

This WG favours the production of tools/recommendations that meet consensus among DPO’s positions.

Among the work to date:

  • Industrialisation and harmonisation of compliance procedures for research projects in the sector
  • Guide and tools for succeeding in health compliance procedures
  • Sharing of technical and organisational measures currently being tested in certain institutions and recommendations on processes, conditions of legality and consent
  • Proposal for a model Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) framework for research falling under the CNIL’s Research Methodologies. Focus on the industrialisation of health practices theses and MR-004 as it applies to research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Tool to help qualify health research projects
  • Articulation and approximation of practices with the Federation of Research Ethics Committees and production of joint seminars/lectures for the sector
  • Work and support for the Open Science dynamic and the National Plan for Open Science (French Ministry)

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Co-authors of SupDPO Research WG productions (in alphabetical order)

  • Sarah Pauloin – DPO Université de Paris et coordinatrice du GT Recherche
  • Damien Berjoan – DPO Esup Portail
  • Timothée Bonnet – DPO Université Paris Sorbonne Nord
  • Sandra Deplanche – DPO UCA
  • Amandine Duvillet – Université de Reims
  • Nathalie Gandon – DPO INRAE
  • Patrick Guillot – DPO mutualisé Université Grenoble Alpes et Université Savoie Mont-Blanc
  • Marion Lehmans – DPO Sciences Po
  • Olivia Meme – DPO Université Rennes 1
  • Marie-Hélène Noël – DPO Université Paris-Est-Créteil
  • Sarah Piquette – DPO Unistra
  • Jean-Luc Teissier – DPO Université de Lille
  • Nicolat Ragot – DPO Université de Toulouse 3
  • Christelle Souil – DPO Université de Poitiers