The name of the WG may make people smile or wonder! The GAFAM WG takes an objective and factual interest in the compliance of personal data processing carried out in the sector when Hiher Education and Research populations use the solutions proposed by giant US digital companies.

The objective of the working group, initiated in December 2018 by SupDPO, is to make progress the knowledge of the various Higher Education and Research actors concerning digital choices, their ins and outs in terms of data protection and privacy.

Since its creation, the work of the working group has been punctuated by a wealth of news on the subject (videoconferencing in the teaching room following COVID-19, Schrems II in particular), further intensifying the need to continue the momentum.

This work does not only provide a Franco-French vision: it provides tools for DPOs and their institutions, and builds and feeds European reflections, particularly in the framework of European Universities or actions carried out by certain data protection authorities and/or certain governments of European Union member countries.

Naturally, this work goes far beyond the education sector. SupDPO is delighted that a transverse dynamic is emerging that goes beyond ESRI. SupDPO’s GAFAM WG is definitely part of this trend.

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